5. Start contributing

What is a DAO? ”A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a group organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules enforced on a blockchain.” Read: A Beginner’s Guide to DAOs by Linda Xie Listen: DAOs Explained with Tracheoptyrx
Hop into various DAOs and start contributing. This is a great, lightweight way to meet people building in web3. Introduce yourself in Discord, meet core contributors, and ask how to help. There are many more DAOs than those listed here, we encourage you to search for more!

Join a starter DAO

FWB - an internet-native, token-gated social club for creating community and friendship both online and IRL.
Forefront - a DAO launchpad aimed at helping web3 explorers and builders create at the frontier of tokenized communities.
Seed Club - A DAO that builds and invests in web3 communities, acting both as an accelerator and a studio to help launch tokenized communities and DAOs.
DeveloperDAO - A community of individual developers interested in contributing, learning, and participating in web3.
BanklessDAO - a community of individuals working to help the world go bankless through by driving awareness and adoption of web3’s bankless money systems.
Songcamp - a web3 songwriting laboratory focused on experimenting at the intersection of music and the new internet.
KrauseHouseDAO - a DAO with the goal of purchasing and operating an NBA team
Bright Moments - an IRL NFT art gallery organized as a DAO
Protein - a community of creators, thinkers and doers focused on redefining our relationship with growth, and helping individuals own the decisions, actions, and value we create.
PubDAO - a Media DAO focused on using Web3 tools to build a better path creating online content
Water and Music - a research DAO and newsletter focusing on building an innovator’s guide to the music industry
Crypto, Culture, Society - a learning DAO exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society

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