6. Commit to your niche

By this point, you’ll have gained clarity on what's interesting to you & where you want to spend more time. Commit to one (or a few) DAOs or work for a startup.

💼  Apply for a full-time job

Check out the job opportunities at Variant portfolio companies:

Join the Variant Talent Network to get matched to open roles at portfolio companies:

Find a job or contributor role on DAOMatch

Browse openings on Cryptocurrency Jobs

Join Braintrust’s Web3 Talent Directory

👩‍💻  If you are not looking for full-time roles, there are other earning opportunities in web3

Rabbithole - learn about crypto and earn small $ amounts
Layer3 - access ‘bounties’ and get paid for open tasks that DAOs are looking for help with
DAO Exchange - aggregate earnings opportunities across DAOs
MetricsDAO - help publish on-chain analytics for the community to understand key metrics.
ScribeDAO - Curate the important takeaways and developments from crypto events, conversations for the others to follow.
PubDAO - Decentralized news reporting
Dework - Contribute to different communities by completing open tasks

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