2. Consume & create content

There is lots of content on web3 for you to discover and enjoy. We compiled some starter lists here that will help you engage with more content, creators, and players across the ecosystem. Exploring content is one of the most accessible, most fun ways to learn all about web3. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin to create your own!


Forefront - Coverage of social tokens/DAOs

Bankless - weekly recap on DeFi, DAOs, and broader coverage of trends

Li’s newsletter - consumer tech & web3 analysis

Defiant - DeFi community issues, developments, and news

Not Boring - In-depth analysis of individual companies/protocols & thematic trends

Our Network - on-chain metrics analytics and data-driven insights related to on-chain activity

Linda Xie - all things web3

The Daily Ape - the latest and best reads in crypto daily


Bankless - conversations about DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and other crypto topics

Unchained - Crypto current events and expert analysis

Uncommon Core - 3 Arrows Capital’s Su Zhu and Hasu from Paradigm provide more in-depth commentary on crypto activities and break them down with guests

Delphi Digital - interviews with experts to break down the activity by vertical, platform, and chain

DAOn the Rabbithole - interviews with builders in crypto to understand issues in the space and new innovations

Seed Club - DAO that builds and invests in tokenized communities

On the Other Side - 1:1 interviews with sector areas in web3

Tip: when you find projects you’d like to learn about, search for those founders’ podcast interviews to deep-dive into how they think.
Twitter (“layer 0” of web3)

non-comprehensive, if you have additions please


@jessewldn - GP at Variant Fund, founder of Mediachain

@spencernoon - GP at Variant Fund, creator @OurNetwork - a DeFi analytics newsletter

@ljin18 GP at Variant Fund, writer @meansofcreation - focusing on creators and consumer

@thattallguy - Founder, Seed Club

@cdixon - GP, a16z Crypto

@owocki - Founder, Gitcoin

@alexxzzhang - Founder, FWB

@packyM - Not Boring Capital, writer @ NotBoring

@patrickxrivera - growth @ Mirror

@_kinjalbshah - investor @ Blockchain Capital

@gaby_goldberg - investor @ TCG crypto

@jarroddicker - investor @ TCG crypto

@pet3rpan_ - Investor, 1kx

@Cooopahtroopa - NFT collector, advisor to Audius + more

@gregisenberg - CEO, Late Checkout agency and writer

@blakeir - investor @ Benchmark

@carlosecgomes - Founder, ForeFront


@DeezeFi - Director of Vibes, Fractional

@andy8052 - Founder, Fractional

@KeyboardMonkey3 - Prominent crypto & NFT trader

@iamDCinvestor - Investor and advisor in web3, NFT collector

@Loopifyyy - NFT enthusiast, building Treeverse and Interleave

@gmoneyNFT - NFT collector + influencer

@punk4156 - building NounsDAO

@punk6529 - NFT + crypto thread influencer

@pplpleasr1 - meme generator, NFT project and DAO contributor

@dgntec - Founder, FingerprintsDAO

@DCLBlogger - Founder, Metakey. NFT enthusiast + collector

@mattmedved - Founder, nftnow

@seedphrase - DJ at Party Degenerates

@kyttenjanae - Visual Artist, Foundation

@richerd - Founder, manifoldxyz

@Jihoz_Axie - Founder, Axie Infinity

@garyvee - CEO of Vayner Media, Investor, NFT collector


@adamjacksonsf - Founder, Braintrust

@ianDAOs - Founder, Syndicate

@WillPapper - Founder, Syndicate

@haydenzadams - Founder, Uniswap

@js_horne - Founder, Zora

@kevinknielsen - Founder, Boardroom

@matt__alston - Founder, Bonfire

@dgreenstein1 - Founder, sound.xyz

@dazuck - Founder, Ceramic

@adamludwin - Founder, Context

@tracheopteryx - Founder, Coordinape

@tony_intern - Founder, Cozy

@petrichorate - Founder, Formfunction

@saturnial - Founder, Foundation

@dApp_boi - Founder and head of design, Foundation

@literature - Founder, Mirror

@zherring - Founder, NiftyApes

@rayan_oncyber - Founder, oncyber

@BChillman - Founder, Phantom

@sandeepnailwal - Founder, Polygon

@MihailoBjelic - Founder, Polygon

@ptrwtts - Founder, Reservoir

@niemerg - Founder, Yield


@spencernoon - GP at Variant Fund, creator @OurNetwork - a DeFi analytics newsletter

@geoffhamilton1 - IP at Variant Fund

@Derekmw23 - IP at Variant Fund

@QwQiao - Core contributor at Alliance Dao

@hasufl - Strategy lead at Flashbots, Research at Paradigm

@mrjasonchoi - Investor at the Spartan Group, the Blockcrunch podcast

@Oxngmi - building DeFiLlama

@pet3rpan_ - Investor, 1kx

@nateliason - DeFi and crypto explainer

@hosseeb - managing partner at Dragonfly

@ryansadams - Crypto investor, BanklessHQ

@monetsupply - Tally

@thedefiedge - DeFi insights and learnings

@paikcapital - DeFi analyst + crypto trader

@joey_santoro - Founder, Fei Protocol

@Darrenlautf - Founder, The Daily Ape

Education + Community

@KERNEL0x - An application based, peer-to-peer learning community in web3.

@CryptoSocietyS1 - DAO building liberal arts education for crypto

@she256 - non profit focused on breaking down barriers & increasing diversity in crypto

@BoysClubCrypto - a “no bro zone” for the crypto curious

@hello_we3 - Professional network for women and non-binary professionals in web3

@surge_women - organization aimed at educating and securing womxn’s place in Web3

@she_fi - DeFi educational initiative and community for women

@TryCrypto - inclusive community of builders working to make crypto more accessible

@CuriousAddys - game designed to make it fun & easy to learn about NFTs and crypto

@sonofalli - Director of Education and Events at Variant Fund, DAO contributor

@dabit3 - DevRel at Edge & Node + Graph Protocol

@mai_on_chain - Founder, Curious Addys

@TheTechRabbi - Designer, Educator, Founder of ed3educaors.

@MrScottMeyer - Educator, scaling education with Ed3

@VritiSaraf - Founder, k20educators + Ed3DAO

@patel0phone -Educator, Strategy lead at Crypto Culture & Society DAO

@maggielove_ - Founder, SheFi

@Zeneca_33 - Founder, ZenAcademy

@alongsidefi - Creating index funds for crypto, Education for onboarding new users

@decentralians - A learning DAO to onboard builders & creators into web3

@WhiteboardCryp1 - YouTube influencer making accessible crypto explainers

Lists inspired by @Cooopahtroopa

Twitter as a read-only experience is already valuable, but publishing turbo-charges what you get out of it. Start by writing summaries of various Spaces, podcasts, curating links, etc. Don’t be afraid to jump into conversations and ask questions—many people will respond!
Reach out to non-technical web3 folks in the space to learn about their journeys. Most people in the industry are extremely welcoming to newcomers and keep their DMs open. Find ways to give value to them and proactively offer to help.

Create (easy ideas for getting involved in web3)

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For creators:

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